Event Info

Saturday September 7th

5:00-7:00pm Race Package Pick Up
6:30pm Draft Legal Pre Race meeting

Sunday September 8

7:00-7:45am Package Pick Up for out of towner’s
7:00-7:45am Body Marking & Transition open
7:45am Road Closures in effect
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September 8th, 2019


Welcome to the Paradigm Naturopathic Kids Triathlon!  This fun and challenging triathlon will take place on September 8, 2019 at the shores of Okanagan Lake in Vernon B.C.  Kids and youth, ages 6-23 years, will swim, bike, and run distances that are specific to their age group category by December 31st of 2019. Kids age 3-5 years can participate in a Splash and Dash, which includes a short swim followed by a run through the finish chute.  Many children will be participating in a triathlon for their first time, and will be directed through the course by helpful volunteers.  Parent volunteers are needed to assist on course to ensure a safe and fun event for everyone.  Participants registered before August 9th will receive a T-shirt.  All recreational participants will receive a finishers medal!


Please note that for participants age 13-17, there are two category options. Experienced athletes, that have completed the TriBC Draft Legal certification, may register for a Draft Legal category (Youth 13-15yrs, Junior 16-19yrs, U23) and Provincial Championships (Junior & U23). Awards will be offered for top three male and female athletes in each draft legal category.  Recreational and first time athletes 13yrs+, should register in the 12-13 or 14-17 age group categories.


Registration fees are $30 for participants age 6-17, $40 for Draft Legal 13-23yrs, and $10 for Splash and Dash for children 3-5 years of age. Sponsorship from local businesses, and the commitment of the many volunteers who run the event make it possible to keep our entry fees low. Please check out these supportive businesses on our website, and be sure to support them in return.


All participants must have Tri BC membership. Registration will direct you to add single-day Tri BC membership if required. 


No Refunds or Transfers.


Online pre-registration closes Monday September 2, 2019 @ 23:59


We hope you are as pumped as we are for the 6th Annual Paradigm Naturopathic Kids Triathlon this Sunday September 8, 2019!


Road Closures


7:45-1:00 pm Sunday Sept 8.
To provide a safe race course, road closures will be in place on Tronson Road and Lakeshore Road.

Rules are here. Please review.

Course maps are on our website. Slight adjustments may occur between now and Friday evening, after we re-measure & verify courses this week.

Please see parking maps available here.
Note: Vehicles parked within the road closure area, must remain until all athletes have crossed the finish line.

Drop off: 
Athletes may be dropped off along the south edge of Kin Beach Park, prior to 7:45am.

Those registered on or before Aug 9, will receive an event Tshirt in their race package. Extra shirts may be available for sale, cash only. These will be offered first come, first served, at package pick up on Saturday.

Schedule: To be Confirmed.

Athletes/families should plan and be prepared to be at the race site from 7:15am-1pm. If your schedule has changed and you are no longer available to be on race site during these times, please let us know you’d like to be removed from the start list. If you Plan to leave before this time, please park outside of race course. Also please note that Bikes cannot leave the corral until the last participant has completed the full course. Wave start times will be posted closer to event date, and are subject to change based on participant numbers. Please check back regularly for updates.


Race expectations


  • Most first time parent worries can be calmed by volunteering. If you are anxious about your athlete being out on the course without you, or ensuring they have done the correct number of laps, sign up to volunteer on the bike or run course, and help point all athletes in the right direction. 
  • Furry friends must stay at home on race day. Kin Beach is not one of Vernon’s many dog parks and beaches.


  • Spectators stay off the race course. It’s not safe to have siblings, parents, grandparents or friends, swimming, cycling, or running alongside participants. 


Constructive feedback is welcome from all current and future volunteers and coaches. We do make slight adjustments each year and are keen to hear how you can help us improve the safety, inclusivity or overall experience provided by the Vernon Youth Triathlon Society.

Participation waves are intended to be safe, fun and inclusive experiences for kids. Triathlon rules are enforced as learning opportunities to keep kids safe. We do not post results at race site, we do not award podium prizing for participation events. All participants are encouraged to celebrate their finish at the finish line with a finishers medal!


  • Results will be available online, live by Sportstats, however may not be updated and verified for a few days post-race. 

Helpful tips for first timers:

  • bring extra shoes. You’ll leave your runners in transition before 8am and need something to wear before your race.
  • ‘Transition’ is the area where you change activities and equipment from swimming to biking and then biking to running. Everyone sets up transition before 8:00am with stuff they will need during the race (bike, helmet, shoes, race number). Stuff you need before your race, for the swim, or after the race, does not stay in transition (goggles, race provided mandatory swim cap, extra shoes, swim/race wear, towel, dry clothes, snacks, bike tools, etc…). Loose/excessive gear in transition is a safety hazard, please keep transition simple and basic.
  • check bike and helmet early this week. Athletes with helmets that are not properly adjusted will be stopped by volunteers and race officials to make corrections. Bikes must be in good working condition, bar ends must be plugged, brakes must work. Pump tires, clean chains, check shifting. Most local bike shops will happily provide a quick safety check for free. Go early in the week, in case something needs to be corrected. 
  • Bring extra snacks, sunscreen, water bottles, warm clothes, towels. 
  • First timers are encouraged to visit package pick up between 5-6pm on Saturday, the race director and local coaches will be on site to answer all of your pre race questions.

Laura Medcalf

Race Director, Paradigm Naturopathic Kids Triathlon



The Countdown Begins!









swim bike run
Vernon Kids of Steel


Please review the TriBC Youth amendment of the ITU competition rules in effect for this season.

Info and Tips 

All participants must:

  • Be body marked (race morning).
  • Wear the race provided swim cap for the swim.
  • Wear the race provided wrist bands for the entire event.
  • Wear the race provided bib number for the run.  Bib must be visible to race volunteers.  **Draft Legal registered athletes with ITU compliant Tri Suits, including their last name in print, are exempt from this requirement.**
  • Have a covered torso for the bike and run (no bare chest.)
  • Wear the race provided timing chip for the entire event.
  • Return the timing chip to finish line volunteers, immediately upon completion.  Missing chips will be billed back to the participant.
  • Walk/run their bikes in transition.  “Mount” and “Dismount” lines and volunteers will clearly mark areas where athletes may ride.  Parents and athletes are encouraged to explore transition layout and these areas before transition closes at 8:00am.
  • Know their wave colour and how many to complete.
  • Be able to ride a two wheel bike (not applicable for Splash n Dash). No training wheels allowed.
  • Be comfortable & confident swimmers for their race distance.  Participants 10 & over should be able to continuously swim 1.5 times their race distance, in a pool, prior to attempting an open water swim.  We do have lifeguards and water support available, bur for the safety of all athletes, it is recommended that swimmers be able to swim a minimum pace of 100m in 4minutes, for their race distance.

Parent/Spectator Do’s and Don’ts for kids triathlon:

DO arrive early and prepared for the entire duration of the event  (snacks/water/layers of clothing/sunscreen.)

DO have fun!

DO cheer for everyone!  We like a lot of positive noise!

DO volunteer to be part of the action (sign up here)

DO leave furry friends at home.

DO allow our volunteers and officials to do their jobs.

DO stay off the race course and out of transition, these spaces need to be kept clear for races in progress.  Parents are NOT allowed in transition.

DON’T complain.  This event is put on by volunteers.  Suggestions on how we can improve this event, are welcome and encouraged.  Please contact the Race Director at lauramedcalf@yahoo.ca to volunteer to implement your solutions.

Tips for First Timers!

  • Stuff you need for the swim stays with you until you start. Stuff you need for the bike and run get set up and left in the secure ‘transition’ area.  Transition is open for set up until 8am, closed during races, and re-open to collect gear after the last participant of the day has started the run.
  • Bring extra clothing and shoes.  Your runners will be set up in transition, ready for you after the swim.   A second pair to wear while you warm up, and play while waiting for your wave start is helpful.
  • Untie shoe laces and unclip bike helmet while setting up in transition – so they are ready to put on after the swim.
  • The easiest race attire, is something that the participant can wear for the swim, bike and run.  For girls, this may be a swim suit.  For boys, this might be swim trunks and a swim/sun shirt.  Other options include: tri shorts & tri top.   Swim suit & tri top.  Swim suit & pull on a t-shirt after the swim (before your helmet!).
  • You will need a way to attach your race number (bib) to yourself for the run.  This can be as simple as using pins to attach to a t-shirt that gets pulled on after the swim.  Another option is to purchase a race belt, which holds the number and is clipped around the waist.  Some athletes will hand craft a race belt, by cutting a thick elastic waist band out of an old pair of underwear, and using pins to attach the bib number.


  • Make sure you have picked up your race package the day before the event.
  • Race package pickup is on Friday June 24 from 5 – 7 pm at Kin Beach Park.
  • Youth/Junior Draft Legal Pre-Race Athlete Meeting 6:30pm mandatory meeting.
  • ONLY out of town participants may pick up race packages on race day from 7-7:45am. They are also expected to bring completed bike inspection form.
  • Arrive early, it takes time to set up your equipment in transition.  Transition will be closed to Draft Legal athletes at 8:00am and to all KOS athletes at 8:15am.  No one will be permitted back into transition after this time.
  • There is a mandatory pre-race meeting for all athletes and parents at 8:30 am. near the transition zone.
  • Be mindful of others and try not take up too much room. Donʼt forget anything – you will not be allowed back in to the transition zone once you have set up.
  • Always walk your bike in transition – even when you are setting up.
  • Always follow the directions of the volunteers in the safety vests.

Post race snacks will be provided for athletes only. Parents and siblings should bring their own snacks.


Athletes 6 years old and older race without parental assistance. Athletes 6 years old and older may not be accompanied anywhere on the race course including the transition area. That is the job of our volunteers. This will also ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone.

Parents are not permitted in transition during the race. This will be strictly enforced. Being in transition while the race is going on disrupts the athletes and is unsafe.

We encourage you to cheer your athlete on as they race, but it is CRITICAL that you stay off the race course while the event is in progress. Please refrain from cycling or running along with your child.

Cheer on all athletes- we encourage lots of noise!

Once all the athletes are off the race course your athlete will be permitted back in the transition zone to collect their gear.


Athletes should know what their colour is and how many laps they need to complete on the course.

If you would like to be a volunteer we could still use a few more on the bike course. Let us know if you can help out.

Splash & Dash

swim run
For ages 5 & under

What Is A Splash n’ Dash? A Splash n’ Dash is a FUN, fitness activity involving swimming and running (consecutively), with a short period of time required to move from one sport to the other, called a TRANSITION.

In a Splash n’ Dash, every finisher is a winner.  Everyone who swims and runs a little receives a gold medal and snack at the finish line.

The #1 rule at the finish is… “turn around and cheer the next person to the line”.

Who Can Participate? Anyone age 5 and under.

• Swim or (run): in shallow water for 100 meters. Flotation devices are permitted but will not be supplied. Volunteers assist in the water but parents may assist if the child is not comfortable being helped by a volunteer.

• Transition (change area): flat ground where kids will put on their running shoes.

• Run: spectator friendly, 100 meter run through obstacle course.

• Finish: every finisher receives a gold medal, t-shirt (if registered before TBD ) and post-race snacks.

What Do The Events Cost?  $10.00 per child (includes t-shirt if registered before TBD)


Vernon Kids of Steel Triathlon September 8 2019