The annual Kids Triathlon held at Kin Beach has been rescheduled

due to spring flooding.  Road impacts are planned as follows:

Sunday September 9th, 2018

Kin Beach, Public / Through Traffic: No Access

Lakeshore Road Closed 7:45-11:45am

From ‘Bridge’ to Kin Beach.

Tronson Road Closed 7:45-11:45am

From Bella Vista Road to Scott Road 

Area Resident Access:

Tronson Road Residents

7376-7292 Tronson Road (Between Bella Vista Road and Kin Beach):

No Access 7:45-10:00am

Access via Bella Vista restored 10:00am.

7155-6711 Tronson Road (Kin Beach to Scott Road):

No Access 7:45-11:45am

6673-6125 Tronson Road (Scott Road to Scott Road):

No Access 7:45am-9:45am

Access restored 9:45am.

Parks at 7075 Tronson Road & 2727 Lakeshore Road:

Access via Single Lane Alternating traffic on Lakeshore 7:45-9:45am.

Holiday Park at 6665 Tronson Road:

Access via Controlled Crossing to Scott Road 7:45am-9:45am.

Access restored 9:45am.

Lake Pointe Park at 6710 Tronson Road:

Access via Controlled crossing to Scott Road 7:45am-9:45am.

Access restored 9:45am.

Scott / Palmer / Cameo Area Residents:

Full access / detour available via Scott Road (to airport).

Old Stamp Mill Road Residents:

Full access / detour available via West exit of Old Stamp Mill Road, to Bella Vista.

Laura Medcalf

Race Director, Paradigm Naturopathic Kids Triathlon

Final date for Refund


Event Info


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Schedule **

Saturday September 8th 

5:00-7:00pm Race Package Pick Up (mandatory for local athletes.) Kin Beach

6:30pm Draft Legal Pre Race meeting (mandatory for all DL athletes.) Kin Beach

Sunday September 9th

7:00-7:45am Package Pick Up for out of town athletes

7:00-7:45am Body Marking and Transition open for set up

7:45am Road Closures in effect

8:00am Transition Closed – no access until final wave is complete.

8:00am Pre Race Meeting

8:15am Draft Legal race waves begin

8:50am 14-17 & 12-13 Race waves begin

9:10am Splash and Dash

9:40am to 10:15am 10-11, 8-9, 6-7 race waves begin.

11:00am estimated finish time, transition open to collect gear, roads open.


Please review the TriBC Youth amendment of the ITU competition rules in effect for this season.

Info and Tips 

All participants must:

  • Be body marked (race morning).
  • Wear the race provided swim cap for the swim.
  • Wear the race provided wrist bands for the entire event.
  • Wear the race provided bib number for the run.  Bib must be visible to race volunteers.  **Draft Legal registered athletes with ITU compliant Tri Suits, including their last name in print, are exempt from this requirement.**
  • Have a covered torso for the bike and run (no bare chest.)
  • Wear the race provided timing chip for the entire event.
  • Return the timing chip to finish line volunteers, immediately upon completion.  Missing chips will be billed back to the participant.
  • Walk/run their bikes in transition.  “Mount” and “Dismount” lines and volunteers will clearly mark areas where athletes may ride.  Parents and athletes are encouraged to explore transition layout and these areas before transition closes at 8:00am.
  • Know their wave colour and how many to complete.
  • Be able to ride a two wheel bike (not applicable for Splash n Dash). No training wheels allowed.
  • Be comfortable & confident swimmers for their race distance.  Participants 10 & over should be able to continuously swim 1.5 times their race distance, in a pool, prior to attempting an open water swim.  We do have lifeguards and water support available, bur for the safety of all athletes, it is recommended that swimmers be able to swim a minimum pace of 100m in 4minutes, for their race distance.

Parent/Spectator Do’s and Don’ts for kids triathlon:

DO arrive early and prepared for the entire duration of the event  (snacks/water/layers of clothing/sunscreen.)

DO have fun!

DO cheer for everyone!  We like a lot of positive noise!

DO volunteer to be part of the action (sign up here)

DO leave furry friends at home.

DO allow our volunteers and officials to do their jobs.

DO stay off the race course and out of transition, these spaces need to be kept clear for races in progress.  Parents are NOT allowed in transition.

DON’T complain.  This event is put on by volunteers.  Suggestions on how we can improve this event, are welcome and encouraged.  Please contact the Race Director at to volunteer to implement your solutions.


Tips for First Timers!

  • Stuff you need for the swim stays with you until you start. Stuff you need for the bike and run get set up and left in the secure ‘transition’ area.  Transition is open for set up until 8am, closed during races, and re-open to collect gear after the last participant of the day has started the run.
  • Bring extra clothing and shoes.  Your runners will be set up in transition, ready for you after the swim.   A second pair to wear while you warm up, and play while waiting for your wave start is helpful.
  • Untie shoe laces and unclip bike helmet while setting up in transition – so they are ready to put on after the swim.
  • The easiest race attire, is something that the participant can wear for the swim, bike and run.  For girls, this may be a swim suit.  For boys, this might be swim trunks and a swim/sun shirt.  Other options include: tri shorts & tri top.   Swim suit & tri top.  Swim suit & pull on a t-shirt after the swim (before your helmet!).
  • You will need a way to attach your race number (bib) to yourself for the run.  This can be as simple as using pins to attach to a t-shirt that gets pulled on after the swim.  Another option is to purchase a race belt, which holds the number and is clipped around the waist.  Some athletes will hand craft a race belt, by cutting a thick elastic waist band out of an old pair of underwear, and using pins to attach the bib number.


  • Youth/Junior Draft Legal Athletes  400M Swim/10km Bike/2.5 km Run
  • 14-17yr. Kids of Steel    300M Swim/10km Bike/2.5 km Run
  • 12-13yr. Kids of Steel    300M Swim/10km Bike/2.5 km Run
  • 10-11yr. Kids of Steel    200M Swim/4.5km Bike/1.5 km Run
  • 8-9yr. Kids of Steel    100M Swim/3km Bike/1 km Run
  • 6-7yr. Kids of Steel    50M Swim/1.5km Bike/500m Run

Splash & Dash

For ages 5 & under

What Is A Splash n’ Dash? A Splash n’ Dash is a FUN, fitness activity involving swimming and running (consecutively), with a short period of time required to move from one sport to the other, called a TRANSITION.

In a Splash n’ Dash, every finisher is a winner.  Everyone who swims and runs a little receives a gold medal and snack at the finish line.

The #1 rule at the finish is… “turn around and cheer the next person to the line”.

Who Can Participate? Anyone age 5 and under.

• Swim or (run): in shallow water for 100 meters. Flotation devices are permitted but will not be supplied. Volunteers assist in the water but parents may assist if the child is not comfortable being helped by a volunteer.

• Transition (change area): flat ground where kids will put on their running shoes.

• Run: spectator friendly, 100 meter run through obstacle course.

• Finish: every finisher receives a gold medal, t-shirt (if registered before TBD ) and post-race snacks.

What Do The Events Cost?  $10.00 per child (includes t-shirt if registered before TBD)





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Our Home Team


Home Team- TriMonsters

Athletes who enjoy practicing and racing triathlon are invited to join the Vernon triathlon team, the Tri Monsters.  Check out their programs for 6-19yr olds. 

Participant Info Form

Our race announcer would like to learn a little more about you.  Please fill out our participant information form:

Bike Checks

A bike safety check is no longer mandatory, but HIGHLY recommended prior to participation.  Prior to June 17, the local shops in Vernon have graciuously offered free checks for participants. PLEASE USE THIS INCREDIBLE OFFER. After June 17, there will be a fee associated with the bike checks. Please have your local bike shop complete the bike check form, and bring it with you to package pick up.

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We Need YOU!


Please sign up to volunteer for the Paradigm Naturopathic Kids Triathlon on September 9th.  We require a lot of volunteers to make this a fun and safe event for the athletes.  Some of the positions available include:

  • Registration/check in/body marking

  • Timing

  • Swim marshal (require a paddle board or kayak)

  • Transition area set up

  • Transition area crowd control

  • Bike course marshal

  • Run course marshal

We require assistance with registration and set up on Saturday evening and with running the event on Sunday morning.  Most of these positions do not require experience.  The Lead for your area will give you directions on what you need to do.   If you have a preferred role please indicate it on the form below and we will do our best to get you into that role.  If you have experience that will help us assign you to a role or anything else we should know about your availability please let us know in the message section below.

If you have any questions about volunteering you can contact the event volunteer coordinators (Jenna and Nan) at

Volunteer Form


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